Can’t help it

We cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard. Acts 4:20

What are you ready to talk about right now? For some, it’s your kids or grand kids. People who have grandchildren don’t need much of an opening to talk about how cute and smart they are. Or maybe it’s your school. You know, I’m an Aggie. We Aggies are not known to be quiet about our love for Texas A&M University. Even in my church in Midlothian, TX, 3 hours away from Aggieland, a few people will yell, “Whoop!” in the middle of a sermon from time to time if the opportunity presents itself. People look at us funny wheunfriendn we do things like that, but it doesn’t stop us. Still others can’t wait to talk about their favorite team. You might be so excited about your team’s chances in the upcoming NBA playoffs or MLB season that your Facebook friends are ready to unsubscribe to your posts because they’re tired of hearing about it.

If Peter had Facebook, people would probably want to unfriend him, too, but not because he kept posting in-your-face statuses about how great the Bethsaida Bears were. No, Peter couldn’t stop talking about Jesus. Neither could John. In fact, they talked about Him so much that the Jewish leaders were tired of hearing about it. They arrested the two apostles and threatened them, forbidding them to talk about Jesus ever again.

Good luck with that. Peter and John couldn’t stop talking about Jesus anymore than a Dallas Maverick fan can stop talking about Dirk. It was impossible. Peter and John wouldn’t even pretend they could. They let the religious leaders know it up front, too. Even if it offended people, they were compelled to keep talking about Jesus, because He was their greatest love, blessing, and priority in life.

I want that to be true of me. And not just on Easter Sunday on Facebook. David Platt said, “How much do you have to hate someone not to share the Gospel with them?” It’s a provocative question, and it makes an excellent point. I’ll add this: How much do you (and I) have to have your priorities out of whack to talk about something else more than Him?

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I became a Christian in college and I was ticked when I started going to church and there were all my friends. I had no idea they went to church and didn’t know they were Christians. It hurt that they had not told me about Jesus. With 20+ years of insight, I understand this more now (and maybe I was just blind to it) but I hope I always manage somehow to let people know . . . at a minimum invite them to church.

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