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This week I have switched gears – from a string of writing assignments that have kept me busy for the past few months to a string of speaking engagements that begin next week. You should hit that “Events” link up there and check them out to see if you can come to any of it. I’m really excited about the different opportunities and the variety of them. I love speaking at different churches, getting to meet new people and teach and encourage them. It stretches me, too. Speaking is not nearly as safe or predictable as writing. I mean, you have to be flexible because you never really know what’s going to happen. One time I had to share a lapel mic with the lady who sang right before I got up to speak. As we tried to discreetly make the quick switch during the prayer that came between us, the cord got tangled up in my shirt. That was precarious, and a near miss with a major wardrobe/lapel mic malfunction. When we finally got it situated, the mic started to make that loud screeching noise that makes everyone in the room cringe. That was a rough start. There are all kinds of unexpected things that can happen when you’re traveling and speaking in different churches. What if my maps app gets me lost on the way there? What if there’s no Sonic or Chick-fil-A in that town? What if no one laughs at the appropriate times? What if I walk up on stage with toilet paper stuck to my shoe and trailing behind me?

I know, it’s like the too dark cookies we discussed on Monday in First World Problems. We take it for granted, don’t we? We live in a country where we can worship whenever and however we want. We don’t have to hide our faith or meet in secret. We have comfortable chairs to sit in, big video screens, cool lights, and a full band. But still, we often judge the success of our churches by personal preferences and  misplaced priorities.

List Wednesday, Christian first world problems….

I tried to check Twitter during the offertory prayer. This church doesn’t have complimentary wifi. #unbelievable

Church ends at noon. The game starts at noon.

The coffee shop at my church doesn’t provide cup sleeves.

We sang this song the last time I was here.

I bought an NIV Bible. The very next Sunday, my pastor switched to HCSB.

We have to scoot to the middle of the row to make room for people.

The powerpoint guy is about 2 seconds behind on every slide.

We have four Sunday services. How am I supposed to know which one to go to?

I told people I’d bring snacks to small group tonight, but The Voice is on.

The pastor didn’t tell one funny story in the sermon today.

I’ve seen that same movie clip as an illustration in a sermon before.

Go ahead and leave a comment with your own example. What are some first world problems you’ve noticed at church?

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