Don’t try to psychoanalyze this…

I don’t base my self worth on how well my favorite teams play. I mean, it’s just a game, so I make it a point not to get too excited or too dejected over wins and losses. But if I did believe that significance is found in a scoreboard, then this past weekend is a sure sign I’m a winner! Friday night the local high school team, the Midlothian Panthers, got their 5th straight win. That’s right, 66-0. That’s a whole lot of self-worth right there  (for someone who finds it in football). Then on Saturday, my beloved Aggies beat up on those Arkansas Razorbacks. Have I ever told y’all that I graduated from A&M? Class of ’91, right here. Back then, we won all the time. A person who based her self-esteem on how well her college football team did probably felt pretty good about herself walking around Bryan/College Station in the late 80’s and early 90’s. The weekend got even better. We took a trip down to Houston for Clay’s birthday to see the Texans play the Titans. He’s always wanted to go to a game since the Texans formed and Reliant was built, and this year they’re being picked by many to go to the Super Bowl. The Texans didn’t disappoint, completing the trifecta. If they made a t-shirt with all 3 logos on it, I’d wear it so everyone would know how awesome I am (if I were that sort of person).

But I’m not. And this weekend proves it, because I don’t feel any more special than I did on Friday afternoon. I learned some other things from the football road trip this weekend, too. Since it’s List Wednesday, I’ll go ahead and share.

There are some really great up and coming leaders in the world. After the game, there was a guy who yelled “Houuuuuston!” to which everyone echoed, “Texaaaaans!” all the way down the ramp. I’m telling you, it was bold. And impressive. He was a natural born leader. Either that, or he’d been drinking. One of the two.

Don’t worry, the recession is apparently not all that bad. I know this, because there were people lined up 20 deep to buy a $10 basket of chicken strips and a $6.50 souvenir cup filled with their favorite soft drink. Also, the stadium was sold out, and those tickets aren’t cheap, even if you do consider the fact that a free foam finger was included in the price.

Freedom of expression is still strong.  This shirtless guy wearing an Indian headdress with feathers reaching 4 feet high was just one of many exercising his First Amendment rights. There were others – their faces were painted, their chests were painted, they wore hats with bull horns coming out the sides. I’m telling you, it was inspiring.

People have a lot of knowledge. At least, the two guys behind me seemed to, as they commentated throughout the entire game. I’m just lucky they were willing to share it so freely. I bet their wives are really proud of them, too.

They say people are apathetic these days. I just don’t see it. I mean, I saw a lot of passion on Sunday. Thousands of people were tailgating in the parking lot before the game. It was impressive, but it was rainy, so I don’t even think we got the full effect at Reliant Stadium. Clay and Brandon went to an A&M game recently, and they said that the moment people were released to go find their tailgating spots was like that scene from Far and Away where Tom Cruise and all the other would-be settlers race on horses and covered wagons to stake their land. Also, I noticed how passionate people are from that young couple in front of me on the escalator.

No one seems to mind getting wanded at a football game. From the looks of pure joy and raucous laughter at the security point, it almost seemed like a natural part of the festivities. Maybe the airport could learn a lesson from this. They could hold athletic competitions at each gate.

There is a guy who can clap louder than a pair of thunder stix. It was amazing. The natural acoustics that God gave that man in his two hands was a sound to behold. He sat next to Clay, and showed off his special skill the whole time. Those of you who know about our ongoing discussion about clapping during worship, this should be especially funny.

Foam fingers have many uses.

I won’t buy a $100 jersey with my child’s favorite player’s name on it, but I will make a special stop on the way home and buy socks for the child who didn’t bring any. It was either that, or nose plugs. It’s all about priorities. I’ll also buy a $10 basket of chicken strips and a $6.50 souvenir cup full of Coke Zero. Maybe you’ll see me drinking from it sometime. But don’t think I’m bragging when you do. I’m no more special than, say, a Cowboys fan.

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