Gifts that say, “I love you,” this Mother’s Day and every day

One night not so very long ago, it seems I may have scoffed to Clay about one child’s request for me to get up and cook a hot breakfast before school. The details of how the conversation began are fuzzy, but the rest I remember.

Clay didn’t scoff with me, or even lol as I had likely expected, but gently observed, “I think that in some cultures, preparing breakfast is high on the list of duties of the maternal figure.” I answered, “My guess is those cultures don’t have Pop-Tarts.”

I never said I should be voted mom of the year.

But, even though we probably wouldn’t be BFFs or go out to lunch together, I bet the gals who are up for such an award have a secret list of things they’d rather not do, too. So this List Wednesday is in honor of them…you know, the moms who cook breakfast without scoffing and stuff.

Just a few Mother’s Day ideas in case you’re having trouble with that this year:

1. Counter –> dishwasher. It’s usually a difference of about 6-12 inches at most, but those 6-12 inches say, “I love you,” in ways that cannot be captured by the gifted writers at Hallmark.

2. Pull. Slide. Pull. But only if you’re comfortable with extravagant displays of affection. I’m just warning you – she may very well be moved to tears.


3. Pull weeds. Here’s a suggestion. Pull one for every year you’ve been alive, tie a bow around them, and bring them to her like a bouquet. Brilliant. [Note: Make sure they are, indeed, weeds, and not newly planted foliage.]

4. Clean up that sticky thing in the back seat of her car. Just FYI: that’s probably not something she’s gonna want to keep as a Mother’s Day memento, though. Sticky car thing doesn’t work like the weed bouquet.

5. Cap and twist. Lids are our friends.toothpaste lid

6. Cook breakfast. And don’t even scoff one time.

What are your plans this Mother’s Day?

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