Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.  Ephesians 6:10-18

Abby juniorI miss the days when I got to pick out my kids’ first day of school outfits. Today is the first day of Abby’s junior year in high school, and I didn’t even know what she was wearing until she came down the stairs and I sat up in bed to tell her a new box of her favorite protein bars was in the pantry.

Of course, I’m joking. Even though she has to leave for school before the literal crack of dawn, I did get out of bed. I’ll point my daughter to the pantry for a Pop Tart, but I won’t be the mom who takes a first day of school picture from the unmade bed I’m still trying to sleep in. You have to draw a line somewhere.

Anyway, how you dress the first day of school is a big deal. Just ask the kid who is right now sitting in the front office because he showed up in a “School is stupid and I hate it” t-shirt.

What you wear can say something about your outlook and readiness. Take me, for instance. I have found that if I put on athletic clothes in the morning, there is a greater chance I will get up from my office chair and attempt to break a sweat at some point during the day. On the other hand, if I head straight to my home office in pajamas, there is absolutely no chance exercise is going to happen. How I dress reflects my attitude and even impacts my behavior.

We get it when it comes to actual clothes. No one would show up for an interview at a law firm wearing Chacos and bermuda shorts. In Ephesians 6, Paul lets us know we should think about our spiritual lives in the same way.

There are battles you’ll face today. Difficulties you’ll confront. Temptations that will threaten your obedience to what the preacher said and you amened on Sunday. At some point, circumstances might even have you thinking, “This day is stupid and I hate it.” Or maybe everything will be great. Either way, it’s the same.

This is not to minimize Paul’s point about spiritual warfare in Ephesians 6:11-12. But Satan often does his best fighting when we don’t even recognize there’s a battle going on. His scheme is to distract us from eternal things with the stuff of earth.

So before there were ever selfies and clever hashtags, Paul said there is an outfit of the day. It’s the same outfit we should wear every day, whether it’s the first day of school, the 563rd day of work, or a week of vacation. The way you stand strong and keep your focus is to wear the right clothes; to put on the full armor of God – truth, righteousness, the gospel of peace, faith, salvation, God’s Word, and prayer.

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Becky H

She looks pretty stinkin cute, mom! Good message this morning! But how, oh how do you come up with all this good stuff? You blend it right in with everyday life and it’s so darn relevant! Good job Cynthia and good look Abbey!

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