The Week formerly known as VBS

It’s been around for over a century. I guess that’s why churches are trying to update the thing with kid-friendlier titles. I’ve heard it called Summer Blast, VBX, Kids Bible Kamp, Kid Jam, VBA (the A stands for Adventure!), and Summer Slam.

The truth is, it really doesn’t matter what you call it; what parents hear is “free childcare.” In fact, in the weeks before they came to yours, they sent their kids to whatever-they-call-it at the Presbyterian church, the Methodist church, the Church of Christ and 2 different Baptist churches. My guess is that some would even consider dropping their kids off at the Kingdom Hall’s Watchtower Wowza Week, if they offered that sort of thing.

It’s my church’s turn this week. Each night, from 6:00-8:30, hundreds of children are learning about Jesus, making crafts, learning songs with full-body motions, eating snacks and playing games.

vbsmemeI admire and appreciate the paid staff and the numerous volunteers who make it all happen. It’s not an easy week. Worthwhile? Definitely. Easy? No.

I’ve volunteered in the past, and despite the meme I made, I’ve even helped out in actual classrooms away from the snack station on occasion. So I want to encourage you. If you’re volunteering this week, you’re half-way there. And bonus, it’s List Wednesday! This one’s for you.

Things you don’t want to hear at The Week formerly known as VBS:

The snack station is running behind schedule.

Billy’s mom will be dropping him off early tonight.

Let’s have all the adult workers come up on stage and demonstrate the motions to this brand new song.

We ran out of pipe cleaners.

Someone ate all the brownies in the worker hospitality room.

We’re going to need you to supervise the bounce house.

This year’s theme is Red Kool-Aid.

Billy’s mom will be late picking him up tonight.

The pastor you scheduled to come talk to your class today is home sick. 

Recreation has been canceled due to rain.

What do you love about The Week formerly known as VBS? What are some things you don’t want to hear?

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Tracie Gray

I truly love the shock some children and adults have towards the costumes we wear. Some funny things I have been told this week are “those singers get creeper and creeper every year.”, child- “why are you wearing that?” Me- “well, we are leading the music” child- “oh good, I am glad you are not really a man”
The one thing I don’t want to hear though is for us to wear our costume to church on Sunday.

Becca Dycus

To be honest I love when they repeat the verses, when they put their own perspective into the stories we share, like (don’t harm or be cruel to one another) one little boy said “that means we don’t do ninja moves and kill each other” I also love when they finish a craft and the pride they have in the work they’ve done. The excitement when they show their parents what they’ve done and learned. These kids are truly excited about learning about God.

I don’t love it when a parent drops off late and picks up early, the kids miss out on ALOT when that happens. For me as a leader (teaching kinder) and as a parent I want my kids (my own and my class) to soak in every ounce of what God has in store for them.

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