This teen slang quiz is not for noobs

It’s time for another quiz, parents. Since the social media quiz was such a big hit, here’s one to help you understand what your kids are saying. Just like last time, this probably won’t work if you’re on your phone, so come back to it later when you’re at home, or use the boring, typed version down below. There’s no prize for the best score, so don’t cheat. Feel free to comment with your scores, or other slang words you’d like to have defined for you. Have fun!

1. The word “noob” refers to
A. a beginner
B. one who lacks intelligence or common sense
C. a good friend
D. someone who wears stylish clothing

2. “Brah” is
A. short for broccoli
B. a female undergarment
C. a form of brother or bro, meaning “friend”
D. someone who desperately needs to take a shower

3. The term “doe” refers to
A. a female deer
B. wasting money
C. a good night’s sleep
D. an alternative to the word “though”

4. To “put someone on blast” is to
A. embarrass someone by revealing compromising information
B. hurry them up because they’re taking too long to get ready
C. let them cut in the lunch line
D. beat them up

5. “Leggo” means
A. a toy building block
B. a miniature waffle to tide over one’s breakfast craving
C. Let’s go
D. code for, “The teacher is coming”

6. The word “sick” means
A. something that is common or boring
B. skipping school
C. a lie
D. something that is really great or completely wrong

7. YOLO stands for
A. You Obviously Lack Originality
B. You Only Love Once
C. You Only Live Once
D. You Only Lick Oreos

8. “Imma” is short for
A. I’m going to
B. Imogene Coca
C. someone who participates in mixed martial arts
d. I’m your mom

9. The term “swag” refers to
A. another word for “noob”
B. an ornamental drapery or curtain
C. drug paraphernalia
D. a state of being that goes beyond “cool”

10. The term “Pwn” refers to
A. someone who sells his possessions for drug money
B. the act of dominating an opponent
C. a person who has no friends
D. exceptional parenting skills

How did you do? What are some other slang words your kids use?

quiz answers: 1.B  2.C  3.D  4.A  5.C  6.D  7.C  8.A  9.D  10.B

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Though I’m not a fan of current slang like swag/swaggy or YOLO, I definitely don’t miss the days of adding -izzle to the end of everything (as if “fo sho” wasn’t slang enough and needed to be fo’shizzle).

Also, this current crop of youngsters might benefit from some studying the past and go back to things like gnarly, rad, tubular, no duh, or–if they have enough confidence–the bee’s knees and the cat’s pajamas.

Tammy Condray

I can’t believe I didn’t read carefully enough and clicked “you only love once” instead of “live”… could’ve had a 100. geez. Not that I’m competitive or anything.

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