Wait, we didn’t get a bad weather day?

Do your work willingly, as though you were serving the Lord himself, and not just your earthly master. Col. 3:23

I just found out my kids have a 4-day weekend. It’s like a summer teaser, four days off just to make sure no one forgets that the last two weeks of school are completely pointless. Tomorrow’s day off is marked on the school calendar as an “Inclement Weather Day.” Our school district having the day off means that we didn’t have any days this year where school was canceled due to bad weather. I’ll know for sure right after I look up the word, “inclement.”

It almost makes me a little bit sad. I feel like we missed out on something great, months ago, and we’re just now realizing it. The bad weather day is an unexpected treat. You go to bed thinking you have school the next day, and wake up to a winter wonderland. I remember how I used to sit in front of the TV to wait prayerfully for the name of my school district to cross the ribbon along the bottom of the screen. And that was when I was a teacher. These days, we find out fast. As soon as we wake up we can check our text messages and/or facebook and know before we’re even fully awake. Which is great, because that makes it much easier to go back to sleep. You don’t have a choice; you have to stay in. You wanted to go to school, really, but it’s just too dangerous out there. Sure, it’s colder than a polar bear’s toenail, and overcast, too, but, in your heart, it feels all warm and sunshiney.

I think the bad weather day concept is something that ought to be implemented in the workplace, too. Think about it…4 or 5 days scheduled in November or December that you could have off if you didn’t need to use them earlier in the year. I’m not just talking about days for bad weather, either. There are other reasons why it’s not a good idea to go to work from time to time:

Bad Mood Day, so you can call in “mood” when you’re extra cranky. If you find yourself upset because you just realized that the marshmallows in Lucky Charms no longer contain pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, and green clovers, it’s okay. No one really wants you at work that day, anyway.

Bad Night Day, because sometimes your husband snores or your kid has a nightmare or you stopped at Starbucks for a Grande Caffe Americano on your way home from Six Flags at 10:14 pm.

Bad Mess in My House Day That Someone Needs to Clean Up Before the Hoarders Camera Crew Comes Knocking On My Door.

Bad Hair Day. Remember girls, you only get one. Pace yourselves.

Bad Zit Day. Granted, it happens less often now than it did when you were 15, but it still happens. You look in the mirror and think, “Oh no!” But then you remember you haven’t used your Bad Zit Day… “Oh, yes.”

I think it’s a great idea. Just think how much more positive and conducive to productivity the workplace would be if we had such flexibility.

I have a friend who tells me how stressed it would make her to have writing assignments with due dates and stuff. The first time she said it, I looked at her funny, because I love writing. I really do love what I do. But every once in awhile I don’t want to do it. There is some pressure, especially when I’m facing a deadline, or when I’ve committed to posting every MWF on the blog, it’s Sunday night, and I haven’t written a thing. And sometimes I start feeling like maybe it doesn’t matter that much or that I should be doing something else, instead. More than a bad night or bad hair days, I have  “I Just Don’t Want to” days. Obviously, since I’m only half a year into this blog and I’m already writing on Col. 3:23 for the second time. That verse helps me with the don’t want to’s.

If God is sovereign (and He is), then, ultimately, He’s your boss. If God’s purpose is making Jesus known to the world (and it is), then He will bless the work of those who do their work for Him to that end. That perspective changes everything. What we do, we do for Him…not for ourselves, not for a boss, not for the approval of other people. Whatever you do, your work matters. How much you get paid, how much you’re appreciated, how clear it is to you the effect your work has on the world around you – those things are all superfluous. What matters is that you give your best to whatever work you do. He deserves it, and He will use it, for your good and for His glory.

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So in your plan, if one doesn’t use the bad mood/bad night/messy house days, can they use those for extra bad hair days? Just wondering.



several things:
1) i don’t like being excluded from the “bad hair day” due to my gender. some of us gentlemen have a mane of rambunctious curls that simply refuse to behave at times.
1a) i’ll be expecting a written apology soon.
1b) or an edited blog post.
2) that last paragraph was strong. loved it. powerful, straight forward, moving. preach, sister!
3) now re-read your last paragraph and try your hardest not to hear the song “(everything i do) i do it for you” by bryan adams.

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