Well, yeah, God exists. It’s so obvi (beach edition)

For His invisible attributes, that is, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen since the creation of the world, being understood through what He has made. As a result, people are without excuse. Romans 1:20

I guess when you stay in a beach house for 5 days, you get a little spoiled. At least that’s what happened to me. I woke up this morning missing the sound of the waves, and stepping out onto the balcony to see the sun rise over the ocean. Everyone has their favorite place in God’s creation…mine is the beach. It just amazes me, and it makes me wonder how anyone can stand at the water’s edge and not know that God exists and that He loves us very much.

Since I didn’t post a List Wednesday this week, I thought I’d do something a little different. Turns out, List Wednesday on a Thursday isn’t satirical. It’s deep. It’s reflective. It’s substantial and ponderous, even. So, here ya’ go.

The beach has a lot of stuff to say about God. Just look at…

the daytime sky. Whether the sky is clear and blue or decorated with clouds in the shapes of hearts, ponies, and the profile of your great aunt Edna, God is evident. The sunrise, the sunset, and even those big, dark, scary clouds that make people pack up their beach chairs earlier than they’d planned….everything in the sky lets us know God is here. He’s big and vast and lots of other synonyms you can probably find on thesaurus.com if ya’ want after you look up at the sky to see for yourself. Don’t look directly into the sun, though, because that’s dangerous and you’ll burn your retinas. In fact, that’s a great point in and of itself. The sky gives us a hint at how awesome God is, but there are things about Him that are just too awesome for us to see right now (Ex. 33:20-23).

the nighttime sky. City folk miss out on this one most of the time. Also, people who don’t ever stop looking at their phones, iPads, and TVs. But you can’t help it when you’re at the beach. Even if the Olympics hadn’t ended our second night there, I’m pretty sure I would have noticed. There are a whole lot of stars in the sky. The moon and planets are pretty cool, too. And if you look long enough, you can even see meteors and shooting stars. If my teenagers were tweeting it, they’d say, “night sky at the beach >>>> #Godisawesome #srsly”

mussels. This was a new discovery for me on this trip. I sat at the water’s edge with two of my nieces, digging up handfuls of sand to find these fascinating little creatures. We’d set them on top of sand and then watch them use water to propel themselves back into it. They’re so cool….especially if you’ve been looking up at the sky and thinking on how big and vast and other synonyms God is. Other parts of creation are so tiny and intricate. He’s big and vast, and at the very same time, He’s interested and involved in the most minute details of life.

dolphins. No matter what your 17 year old male cousin tells you, there’s no need to be afraid. Those aren’t “dolpharks” out there. Even if you’ve been watching shark week, don’t be scared of Flipper and his whole entire family that keep surfacing above water and then diving back under. Everyone on the beach is not staring and pointing because they’re afraid. They’re staring and pointing because dolphins are awesome. And God made them. One reason why He made them? So you’d stop and stare.

that one really cool white bird that’s always flying solo right when a big storm is coming in. God has taught me some important things with that bird. Think it through…I bet He’ll teach you, too.

white sand. If you’re from Texas and you’ve only been to Galveston…you need to expand your travel plans. There are some beaches that are really, really pretty, before you even get to the water. And you don’t even have to wear shoes on those beaches. Also, you can see your footprints in sand when you look back to see if you got away from the dolphark. God was creative, even when He made the stuff we walk on.

waves. This is my favorite part, and not because I’m out there on a boogie board riding them. Because I’m not. Nope, I just like to look at them. And listen to them. They can be big and they can be small, but you can’t stop the waves from crashing the shore. Morning, noon, night…whether you’re asleep or awake, and whether you’re at the beach house or 11 hours away, the waves are there. You can count on it. Kinda like God…which makes sense, since He made them.

What are some of your favorite parts of creation? What do they teach you about God?

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We had a beach vacation this year with 2 of our kids and 3 of our grandkids. It was awe-inspiring for me as well and the source of many journal entries.

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