When is turns to was

Some people trust the power of chariots or horses,but we trust you, Lord God. Psalm 20:7

I thought it was a great idea. I mean, I’m pretty good at ebay, so when I saw the commercial for Beezid, I thought I’d be good at that, too. I was wrong.

The thing is, I wasted the better part of a weekend and a small amount of cash before I realized it. The lure of the possibility of beating out other time-wasters, such as myself, and getting an UZI Tactical Pen for next to nothing was so strong. It’s true that I never actually wanted a pen with a concealed handcuff key and a rock-hard crown that can break glass before Beezid, but that’s because no one had ever told me it was the only survival tool I ever needed. Don’t laugh at me. With that pointed DNA catcher I could come away with my attacker’s DNA…who’d be laughing then?

But I got beat out on the auction for the tactical pen, and everything else I tried to win, too. Nike duffel bag, iPad mini, $100 gift card to Best Buy, soccer ball, microscope (I got desperate, okay?)…it always started out so hopeful, so sure. Sadly, my “This is my chance” optimism always ended up a defeated, pessimistic, “Was.”

I don’t know about you, but, most of the time, I like “is” better than “was.” Is is comfortable. Is is hopeful. Is just is. Was, though, is scary. And that guy can make your heart sink. Think about it:

She is my friend. She was my friend.
That is where I live. That was where I lived.
There is an election. There was an election.
She is the picture of health. She was the picture of health.
That is where I work. That was where I worked.
He is my husband. He was my husband.

So what do you do when your is turns to was?

Two things. First, remember that there is one Is that always is, and His name is Jesus. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Hebrews 13:8  He never changes. That’s hard to grasp, but truth we need to hold onto. Your situation may change a hundred times, but God never does. Ever. In the most difficult moments of your was, He still Is. Guess what that means? Your circumstances may have changed, but you still have the most important Is holding you tight…and that means you’re going to be okay.

The second thing is to put your hope in the Is of Jesus more than the is of your circumstances. I get that mixed up sometimes. When we love our is and set it up in our hearts and minds as a greater priority than God and His eternal truth and purpose, we’re destined for disappointment. We were never meant to desire and adore the blessings of life more than the Giver of those blessings. David said it like this:

Some people trust the power of chariots or horses, but we trust you, Lord God. Others will stumble and fall, but we will be strong and stand firm. Psalm 20:7,8

Only one Is is a rock on which to stand. Trust Him.

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