When your team isn’t in the Super Bowl

It’s hard to watch a sporting event when you don’t care who wins or loses. I say “or loses” because I have watched games with people who don’t have a stake in the outcome, but are passionate still, simply because of their dislike of one of the two teams involved. Case in point, I would imagine that those who have strong pharisaical tendencies started looking for Broncos t-shirts two weekends ago when  Richard Sherman’s pride went viral. I find this cheer-when-someone-you-don’t-like-loses part of the human condition fascinating, but that is probably another blog topic altogether.

The point is that when we can’t root for our own team, we usually look for ways to identify with another…because that’s what makes watching sports fun. One thing I have noticed is that Christians like to rally behind players or teams who are vocal about their faith in Jesus.  I don’t know if other religions feel that same sense of community. Do Buddhists support players whose lockers are feng shui? Do Scientologists know which players refuse to see the team psychiatrist? I don’t know, but we Christians do love us some Tim Tebow.

Of course, he won’t be playing this weekend, but thanks to popular Seattle pastors Mark Driscoll and Judah Smith, the Christian community is being led to believe that the Seahawks are the team to root for. Judah Smith even goes so far as to pray for the Seahawks in worship services and calls them “God’s favorite team”…from the pulpit. Whatever you or I think about that doesn’t really matter; clearly, they do have some godly guys on that team. But last week I found out on Facebook that Peyton Manning is a Christian, too. Peyton Manning, y’all. How ya’ gonna begrudge all that success now?

It’s so conflicting.  How is a well-meaning believer supposed to pick a team when there are Christians on both sides of the ball? Lucky for you it’s List Wednesday…a full 4 days before you have to fully commit.

How to pick a team to root for in the Super Bowl this weekend:

Best dreads. And by “best” I mean those worn on the head of a wide receiver or running back.  If you don’t play a position where you run really fast to show them off, or one where other players are chasing you with the intent of snatching them right out of your head, your dreadlocks are significantly less awesome, even if you are the best cornerback in the game. So, you GO, Marshawn Lynch. You are a brave, brave man. Advantage: Seattle

osprey-with-bassToughest mascot.  It might be helpful here to know that a sea hawk is actually called an Osprey. I looked it up. Also, it eats fish, not wild horses…not even baby ponies, or a My Little Pony toy some 3-year-old left at the stadium, for that matter. I could get behind the sea hawk if they were playing the Denver Bass, maybe…but they’re not. Advantage: Broncos

The city that could probably use a good pick me up. It rains in Seattle all year long. Plus, their mascot is only intimidating to a fish. And Denver? Well, that place is only 1 1/2 hours from Summit County. Who needs football? Advantage: Seattle.

Coolest uniforms. I realize this one is a matter of opinion. But Seattle is wearing their white jerseys and pants with that weird neon green stripe going down the leg, and Denver is wearing Halloween orange. Clearly, no one asked my opinion. Advantage: No one

The team that didn’t steal Texas A&M’s 12th man tradition and try to pass it off as their own.  Advantage: Denver. Thanks, and gig ’em.

Google Tim Tebow. Find out who he’s picking, and go with that.  Win-win.

What about you? How will you decide who to root for in this year’s Super Bowl?

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Kathy Howard

Cynthia, once again you had me laughing out loud in front of my laptop. Unfortunately, no one else was in the room I could share these funnies with. So I guess I’ll just have to share it on Facebook!

Kathy Howard

By the way. I plan to root for Denver. We lived in Casper, WY for a while. Everybody there roots for Denver. We kind of got used to it. Of course, I do have a little bit of hard feelings towards them since they ditched Tim Tebow. Even if it was for Peyton Manning.

Melinda Reed

Well of course you know who I’m rooting for – GO SEAHAWKS!! My friend Russell Wilson (yes we are big buds) is a devoted Christian and is the most humble guy I’ve seen lead a team in many years. Who knows, he may even rub off on Richards Sherman 🙂

It is interesting to see this unchurched area rally together like family for this team. It gives me hope that God is going to pierce this city and then who knows what can happen!

As always, enjoyed your post

Sue Key

Seattle – not a huge sports fan, but who doesn’t go to a Superbowl party? No connection to Denver, but had a son who lived for a while in Seattle. So it’s the closest thing I have to “hometown team.”

Aaron A

I’m rooting specifically for Richard Sherman since I try to model my pastoring after his aggressive style of play.
-I tend to trash talk my deacons after I successfully reject their weak ideas in meetings.
-I have been known to have “lock down coverage” on my Music Minister when he tries to leave the office early and redirect him back to his office.
-Sometimes I cause parishioners to fumble extra tithes and offerings into the plates.
-And rumor has it (the rumors are most definitely true) that I once leapt off the stage wearing full eagle’s wings to make a sermon illustration.

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