You Might Be Married to a Youth Minis….excuse me, Student Pastor… if…

For today, I thought you might enjoy a little window into my life. Wait, that’s what every blog post is. But this one’s a list.

10.  3 out of 4 Sunday mornings each month, you leave your driveway for church through a maze of toilet paper, silly string, yarn, plastic forks, and saran wrap.

9.  You call your friends, “dude,” and “bro.” Also, you use words like beast, swag, and sick in contexts that confuse your peers.

8.  You’ve sworn you’d never attend another all-night event, at least 6 times. But this Friday night, at 3 am, while your friends are on their Tempur-Pedics dreaming about the steady growth of their 401Ks, you’ll be curled up in the fetal position in a corner at Urban Air Trampoline Park while 100 teenagers bounce the night away.

7.  You know what “blue darting” means.

6.  You used to like pizza. But not anymore.

5.  You spend your 22nd anniversary doing prom skippers with dateless 17 year olds. Hypothetically speaking. <3

4.  Other people call it, “Church Camp.” You call it, “Vacation.”

3.  Your husband has enough t-shirts to clothe an entire 3rd world country.

2.  You have enough t-shirts to clothe one of that country’s neighboring territories. You’d give them away to those people, too, but they were gifts.

1.  You’ve seen Family Force 5 in concert, on purpose, you can quote entire scenes from Nacho Libre, and you are right this very moment printing out this blog post to show your husband later.

Happy Wednesday!

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Weslee Schroeder

AWESOME! Ok… here’s my additions:
1 You cook twice as much for dinner because you never know who is going to show up… and lets face it…. teenagers are always hungry
2. You are famous for your mean dessert… aka… brownies
3. Your babies first words were words like “sup” and “Whatever,” and when they said such words, you immediately feel obligated to explain to the older generation that they’re around teenagers all the time.
4. You’re constantly on the lookout for new, appropriate PG movies so you dont have to watch Facing the Giants and Cars one more time!
5. You have been to your fair share of midnight premiers… and fight to stay awake the entire time.
6. You rejoiced the day that cell phone companies made text messaging unlimited! It saved you hundreds!
7. Anytime you’re around a big body of water, you’re always paranoid and make sure your husbands pockets are empty of any electronic devices or wallets, or in our case, ears clear of hearing aids, because he will get thrown in.
… thats just a few! I could go on and on!!! Life is funny… and always interesting!

Cynthia Hopkins

hahaha Weslee these are awesome! Can’t believe I forgot to write about the brownies…there are teenagers who actually get mad at me if they come over and I haven’t made any 🙂

Amy Kulo

Came back through to re-read this one and post a comment (now that I have FINALLY figured out how…lim) Anyway….this one does crack me up every time….thanks for the late night giggle!

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